Over the weekend, I got to watch Back to the Future 3 again on TV. (I’ve always thought that the third installment was lousy compared to the first two parts of the trilogy. It lacked the excitement and humor that the two other releases had. But I digress.) So, watching the movie made me think of the ’80s. The era of Molly Ringwald and Pretty in Pink, Madonna and her controversial Like a Prayer video, and the tearjerker Beaches and its amazing soundtrack. The truth is, I was too young to really appreciate the colorful culture of the ’80s and it was only in the ’90s (when I was somewhat older) that I got to see the movies and listen to the songs. On this week’s Mid-week Mail, a toast to the ’80s. Cheers!

Working Girl remains to be one of my favorite movies of all time. It’s the Cinderella story of the modern world. (Okay, that and Pretty Woman.) Natty Tat-tat leaves you with a great song from the film to inspire you to dream big.


Cake designer Kelly created something unique to celebrate someone’s 30th year: a boom box cake with edible cassette tapes.  (I said “boom box”, people. That just earned me a million cool points!)


Would you crimp your hair? Apparently, it’s in style again. Nathalie did it and boy, she looked darn good!

Happy reading (and listening)!!!


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