This week I bring you some unique recipes that I found on WordPress. These involve bananas, peanuts, tofu and cheese – four yummy ingredients that alas I can’t eat because of food allergies. (Self-pity mode on.) But will that stop me from imagining how crazy delicious they must be? Of course not! (Yes, I love torturing myself like that.)

Banana split, banana crepe, banana smoothie. Just when you thought you’ve heard them all, Nutridus brings out the big guns: grilled banana.


Bacon makes Danielle happy. I bet her bacon honey roasted peanut butter cookies made her (and all other bacon lovers) even happier.


The Green Apron gave tofu a whole new twist. How? She marinated it in maple syrup and served it for breakfast.


So you like pizza and cupcake? Sarah and Wonderland‘s pizza cupcake is like hitting two birds with one stone.

Happy reading (and cooking), everyone!!!


6 thoughts on “MIDWEEK MAIL #4

  1. oh, you have an allergy to those… and yet…….. I’m the more thankful now for giving it a though of appreciation :-) I’m cheering for you – “go self-torture mode! hey! hey! hey! ”…have a great day!

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