One of the latest collections of tile manufacturer 14 Ora Italiana wowed me big-time: the Uonuon, also dubbed “pop wood” because its colors were inspired by Andy Warhol’s pop art. Uonuon tiles can transform a room into just about anything you want it to be. By laying down tiles of the same color, you create something elegant. Use different colors and you get a place that’s fun and cozy. I even like that the collection was described as ”about the decorative emotion of wood”. (I would never have thought of describing tiles that way. Ever.) So how does the company’s team come up with such beautiful designs? Think about this: 14 Ora Italiana is based in a building that was once an ancient wine cellar. It is tucked amidst hills and fields in a rural town in Modena, Italy. Idyllic spot, fresh air, relaxing hues around. Need I say more?

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8703471983_06c3d772be_b 8703473253_1148cc170a_b 8704595224_4e691fafbb_b 8704607728_3309197ef5_b 8e87c12bec92e8862a61cf01cc5d10c2 Colore a colazione KONICA MINOLTA DIGITAL CAMERA EXIT - ALLBLACK+UONUON GRIGIO+BIANCO La luce in cima alle scale Mb nel museo Transit through De Stijl ombre lunghe del pomeriggio Rudy

Images: 14 Ora Italiana


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