French photographer Léo Caillard injected humor and gobs of style into his work Hipster in Stone. Now before you react violently (as I initially did), let it be known that the ancient Greek statues were not touched. So how did he create the amazing pictures? First, Caillard photographed these classic nude sculptures at the Musée de Louvre. Then, he asked friends to wear Ray Bans, cropped pants, etc. and to pose just like the figures. He photographed them in his studio, edited the pictures in Photoshop, and with some digital abracadabra from Alexis Persani, voila! Le Faune Barberini looked like a true-blue Hipsterville denizen in super tight jeans while Meleagre appeared as if he stepped straight out of an H&M catalogue (never mind that he’s holding a boar). You can watch Persani’s photo manipulation demo here.

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Images: Léo Caillard


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