We’re half-way through the week… Hang in there, folks! Anyway, on this edition of Mid-week Mail: postcards.

Let’s face it: Handwritten letters and cards have sadly become a thing of the past. Everything is communicated electronically and online now that Damian couldn’t help asking: Will handwriting eventually become a special skill in the future? 

(On a side note: I’m giving a thumbs down to the Like button on Facebook for encouraging people to be lazy. You greet someone a “Happy Birthday” or you tell a friend how great she looks and all you get is “XX likes this”. What ever happened to good old fashioned “Thank you”? It’s just two words; surely, it couldn’t eat up a whole day no matter how busy it is.)


I never knew that the word “postcarding” existed. But now I do, thanks to Danielle and her blog that features over 200 postcards from around the world.


Englishman W. Reginald Bray tested the British postal system by sending strange items (including his dog and himself!) across the country. He also mailed postcards to challenging addresses, such as to “Any Resident of London.” (The card was returned to him, stamped as “Insufficiently Addressed”.) Dig Your Fins has pictures and links to related resources.

Happy reading!!!


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