I have this vague memory of going to the market for the first time when I was 3 or 4 years old. My mother, sister and I  – along with some men and women carrying baskets – rode a small boat that ferried us across the river to the market. When we got there, we walked to a food stall where Mommy ordered something similar to congee. We sat on wooden stools, which back then were too high for me, and ate. I may not remember a lot from that day but I do recall one detail particularly well: I didn’t know exacly where we were or what was happening around me yet I felt completely safe because I was with Mommy. All mothers possess that kind of magical powers, don’t you think?




emmablock2 robertballryotakemasa2 ryotakemasaArtists:

(1) Alice and Martin Provensen, (2) Bill Charmatz, (3-4) Emma Block, (5) Robert Ball, (6-7) Ryo Takemasa


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