Portal to a world full of mystery, myths and magic; the home of the mischievous monkis; and the source of inspiration for its collections. Welcome to the concept stores of Monki.

Monki City of Oil and Steel

The City of Oil and Steel: “In this dismantled city, the maps have long since lost their relevance, so it might be hard to find your way. Machine parts are scattered everywhere, brightly coloured bubbles hover in the air, and the floor is a puddle of smooth, spilled oil.”

Monki Forgotten Forest

The Forgotten Forest: “It is all forests, imagined and real and remembered, and none at all. It exists only in your head, and at the same time it belongs to everyone who enters.”

Monki Sea of Scallops

The Sea of Scallops: “Illusions abound, and perspective cannot be trusted. Beyond and behind it, creating currents of its own, elusive yet ever-present, you may glimpse the living skin of the vast underwater being who guards it all.”

Images: Monki



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