As you can see here and here, I like writing about people who use their artistic skills to make beautiful, delicious desserts. This time, I’d like to show you the creations of Natasha Collins, owner of Nevie-Pie Cakes in Hertfordshire. Natasha has always loved baking and so after a career in textile design, she went back to her baking roots. She began Nevie-Pie Cakes only as a hobby but now it has grown into a business known for hand-painted cakes, cupcakes and cookies. (By the way, the fishbone below is actually a cookie!) My favorite designs are those in the last three photos – they seem to have come straight out of children’s books!

Nevie-Pie 08Nevie-Pie 04

Nevie-Pie 10

Nevie-Pie 05Nevie-Pie 11 Nevie-Pie 09 Nevie-Pie 06 Nevie-Pie 07

Images: Nevie-Pie Cakes


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