Can you buy stylish accessories and directly help the underprivileged? Sounds difficult?

Not with the products of Takuro Apparel. Takuro, a social enterprise fashion label, was founded to work with widows in Nepal who have suffered discrimination for many years. Together with a non-governmental organization, it trains these women to sew so that they become not only beneficiaries but also partners in the production process. Are you familiar with Kickstarter? It’s an innovative platform where new projects, big or small, are financed by ordinary people. Takuro will launch its first products – the Manaslu backpack and the cashmere pashmina – via Kickstarter on October 30.

As a huge lover of waterproof backpacks, I thought that the Manaslu bags are gorgeous: they’re functional yet trendy; casual yet versatile. But knowing that behind every stitch is the story of a woman who is able to turn her life around makes them more beautiful, don’t you think?

(Update 04/11/2013: Takuro’s limited edition backpacks and cashmere shawls are now available for purchase via Indiegogo.)

Takuro rucksack 01 Takuro rucksack 02

Takuro rucksack 03

Takuro rucksack 04 Takuro rucksack 05Takuro pashmina 02 Takuro pashmina 01 Images: Takuro Apparel



  1. Love these bags, and more importantly, love how they are produced. While “one for one” concepts like TOMS and WARBY PARKER are nice, I’m so much more encouraged by companies that actually work with communities by employing them and bringing their artistry to the states. Empower them through skill and expertise! Thanks for sharing :)

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