It’s already the third week of November – do you know what this means? Time to dress the house for the holidays! Luckily, H&M has made the job easier for all with these decorating ideas. Choose from: (1) a warm, rustic interior with red and neutral tints, (2) a white and silver gray palette combined with shiny details, (3) a mixture of lace and soft velour in white and gold, and (4) a classic red and white look with a playful twist. More Christmas-related posts in the coming days!

h&m christmas modern tradition 01 h&m christmas modern tradition 02 h&m christmas modern tradition 03

h&m christmas winter whites 01

h&m christmas winter whites 02h&m christmas winter whites 03h&m christmas sparkling boho 01 h&m christmas sparkling boho 02 h&m christmas sparkling boho 03h&m christmas flirty holiday 01 h&m christmas flirty holiday 02 h&m christmas flirty holiday 03

Images: H&M



  1. Thanks for posting this. I recently purchased some black sequin pillow covers for my client and I had not been back to their site in a while. Now I will have to buy some Christmas pillows.

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