H&M may be known for collaborating with premier designers such as Jimmy Choo, Lanvin and only two months ago, Isabel Marant. But Spain’s very own Mango just raised the bar with a tie-up for, literally, its biggest piece on the market yet.

A car.

Yes, folks. Mango joined forces with Spanish car manufacturer SEAT to create a stylish urban car with a unique feminine touch. The SEAT Mii by MANGO is a city car with a special focus on design: fashionable on the inside and stylish on the outside. It is the ideal combination of fashion and efficiency in one compact city slicker.

SEAT Mii by Mango

SEAT Mii by Mango SEAT Mii by Mango

I also received news by e-mail just this morning that a contest has been launched to mark the collaboration.

Artists, illustrators, fashion designers and creators from all over the world are invited to submit accessory designs based on the theme “An urban car for a city girl.” They must use the template provided to design a make-up bag and shoe bag.

Apart from the privilege of having his or her design go into production, the winner will also receive a brand new Mii by MANGO car! The judges will likewise choose five other designers who will each receive a MANGO wardrobe worth €500. Entries will be accepted until March 4. Visit Mango’s Facebook page to participate.



Looking for the perfect Christmas present? Here are my picks on Etsy this week.

big little things

See more of my favorite items from this list. Like my Facebook page to follow my weekly pick of the bunch from Etsy!

Images: Kimuka, lesfollesmarquises, ThomasHouhaDesigns, FluffyFlowers, IrenkaR, andsmile


Hello, Santa. One or two of these, perhaps?vtwonenplates

Plates and saucers by vtwonen via


Rolling pins, measuring spoons, and serving bowl by Anthropologie via


Teapot, spoon, plate, and cup by Marimekko via


Bicycle and backpack. They go together like cookies and milk. Or salt and pepper. Or bow and arrow. Or Batman and Robin. Or Mario and Luigi. Or… Well, you get the point :)

Bike and backpack 02

| 1- Esprit | 2- Zara | 3- Takuro | 4- Electra | 5- Cheap Monday via Asos | 6- Esprit |Bike and backpack 01

| 1- Zara | 2- Zara | 3- Royal Republiq | 4- Vans | 5- Electra |

Bike and backpack 03

| 1- Electra | 2- Calvin Klein | 3- Kipling | 4- Vagabond | 5- Levi’s | 6- Esprit |

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Can you buy stylish accessories and directly help the underprivileged? Sounds difficult?

Not with the products of Takuro Apparel. Takuro, a social enterprise fashion label, was founded to work with widows in Nepal who have suffered discrimination for many years. Together with a non-governmental organization, it trains these women to sew so that they become not only beneficiaries but also partners in the production process. Are you familiar with Kickstarter? It’s an innovative platform where new projects, big or small, are financed by ordinary people. Takuro will launch its first products – the Manaslu backpack and the cashmere pashmina – via Kickstarter on October 30.

As a huge lover of waterproof backpacks, I thought that the Manaslu bags are gorgeous: they’re functional yet trendy; casual yet versatile. But knowing that behind every stitch is the story of a woman who is able to turn her life around makes them more beautiful, don’t you think?

(Update 04/11/2013: Takuro’s limited edition backpacks and cashmere shawls are now available for purchase via Indiegogo.)

Takuro rucksack 01 Takuro rucksack 02

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Some food are too pretty to eat. That shouldn’t be a problem in this case; after all, the “treats” pictured below are actually bars of soap. Yes, you read that right. Regina Panzeca of Soapopotamus developed and created these handmade soap bars from goat’s milk. And, as if making them look so real wasn’t enough, Regina also made sure that they smell like the real deal: a freshly baked and frosted doughnut, a warm and sweet cinnamon roll, or a comforting slice of chocolate cake!
Jumbo Cinnamon Roll Double Goat's Milk Soap Bar by soapopotamus, $6.00Big Pink Donut Goat's Milk Soap Bar by soapopotamus on Etsy, $5.00

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Hello, everyone! I spent all week working on a new project, which explains why my blog was not updated for several days. Anyway, on to today’s post. I have to admit, I can’t resist beautiful packaging. Here’s a summary of my thought process when I see something lovely for sale (a.k.a. how I easily fall prey to senseless buying): (1) Does the product look pretty? Yes -> Buy. (2) Do I need the product? No  -> But what the heck, it looks pretty.

Will those guilty of the same thing please stand up?

Gazpacho Andaluz

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I know what you’re thinking: This doesn’t look like a typical Zara Home lookbook. But hey, I like it! It feels modern and vibrant, and the classic hues and patterns would be great additions to any white space. The best thing about this collection is that, while the clean, neutral look would appeal to women, it exudes a masculine feel as well. I bet Zara Home made a lot of guys happy this month.
Zara Home Lookbook 1

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Four wooden products, four cool design finds. Happy weekend! design-moderne2

This doesn’t feel like Christmas at all but it makes my inner minimalist self smile. Nativity set designed by Oliver Fabel (via

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