Bicycle and backpack. They go together like cookies and milk. Or salt and pepper. Or bow and arrow. Or Batman and Robin. Or Mario and Luigi. Or… Well, you get the point :)

Bike and backpack 02

| 1- Esprit | 2- Zara | 3- Takuro | 4- Electra | 5- Cheap Monday via Asos | 6- Esprit |Bike and backpack 01

| 1- Zara | 2- Zara | 3- Royal Republiq | 4- Vans | 5- Electra |

Bike and backpack 03

| 1- Electra | 2- Calvin Klein | 3- Kipling | 4- Vagabond | 5- Levi’s | 6- Esprit |

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Despite having a closet bursting with clothes, do you still find yourself saying that you have nothing to wear, day after day after day? Perhaps you should learn from Keri Russell and invest in these key pieces.

1. Esprit, 2. Ray-ban, 3. True Religion, 4. Tamaris, 5. Tory Burch, 6. Joes Jeans, 7. Lacoste, 8. Mexx, 9. Bensimon, 10. Levi’s


Creating these looks was certainly a journey back to the past for me, to that time when I was just starting a career. My first two jobs were in media: the first was in a lifestyle publication, and the second; in broadcast media. Both jobs didn’t implement a business dress code but they didn’t allow jeans at work either. My closet was bursting with basic striped t-shirts at that time – I was in love with them – and so I would wear these shirts to the office with a pair of slacks, some low heels or strappy sandals, and sometimes a blazer. Here are my ideas on how to wear those stretchy stripes to work. (Of course you can always throw on a blazer or a jacket to look more conservative for work.)





I think my heart stopped beating when I saw this beautiful Mohekann clutch on the Zalando online shop. It comes in two colors and here I show you two looks using both bags. Zalando, by the way, has been my favorite online store ever since we moved to Europe. I had been a loyal customer since our days in the Netherlands because the store carries amazing brands. And don’t get me started on its free delivery and free return shipping services… Anyway, when we moved to Spain, I had to curb my spending due to the economic situation here. That’s the sad thing. The good thing is: it doesn’t cost me a single cent to browse its online shop whenever I want. What a huge collection it has! In fact, 80 to 90 percent of the items in my outfit collages are Zalando finds. As they say on the Dutch TV ad (which I still know by heart!): ‘Zalando, de online schoenenwinkel met een enorm assortiment!’ (Can’t believe I actually wrote that down!)



*All articles available on Zalando Netherlands and Spain.


It’s only a month away before summer officially starts. I bet that at this point, many of you are already making vacation plans. I bet, too, that 50 percent of those plans comprises holiday outfits. Summer is obviously the time to wear colors, whether in soft neutral palettes or in crazy, unexpected combinations. Now here’s something fun. How about ditching that color wheel on your desk and going monochromatic? Not in black, white or nude. But in green, purple or yellow. Game?





It is Mother’s Day today in many parts of the world. As a tribute to my mother, I made a little collage showing how we would wear the same pair of jeans on an ordinary day. You see, my mom is not like any other mom. I know that every child has probably said that at least once in his or her life. But, cross my heart, my mom is really different. She wears nothing but blue jeans, flat sandals and simple shirts. I’ve seen her don a dress more or less five times in my whole life. When my sister and I were young, she would wear matching blouses and skirts, custom-made for her by a dressmaker, to our graduation and recognition rites. After each occasion, the blouse and skirt duo would never see the light of day again. She doesn’t put on jewelry, except for a modest watch. She never gave a darn about brands. She never cared about trends nor fancy clothes. Yes, she is far from fashionable, but she is always happy and confident in her own skin. Happy Mother’s Day, Mommy!!! You’re super and special like that!



This morning, while waiting for the train, I saw a girl in an almost all-red outfit. Red swing jacket, red Hunters and a red umbrella to boot. Normally, I don’t like matchy-matchy outfits. But I actually thought that her Red Riding Hood number looked cute.  Would you go matchy-matchy?



Yesterday’s post was about the blue and white trend. Clueless about what pieces to buy and where to get them? Take a pick from these porcelain printed items.



The denim-on-denim trend – as you can see here, here and here – is just not happening for me. I don’t understand why it looks cool and stylish on other people yet on me, it’s terrible. Are you on the same boat? My idea to make this work: wear one piece of denim clothing with one denim or denim-like accessory. Technically, that’s still “double denim”, right?


Levi’s jeans, G-star Raw shirt, Levi’s shawl, Kaporal Jeans espadrilles, Dakine bag

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