Whether you will remember 2013 with fondness or with tears, the New Year is here as an opportunity to turn what was bad into good, the good into something better, and the better into the best.

Cheers to new great beginnings!

I would also like to take this chance to thank those who have supported my blog for the past eight months. (I started this little corner of mine in April 2013.) Thank you for the love and the friendship! You motivate me to keep on blogging.

Happy New Year and see you all in 2014!!!

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Christmas is all around me, and so the feeling grows. (Thank you, Billy Mack, for that song. And Love Actually – love you for life!) My other blog, Hello Pomelo, is also excited about the hoilidays. Check out these Do-It-Yourself Christmas decorating ideas.

christmas tree decor 2

Christmas tree on the wall? Game! Choose from five easy DIY ideas.


That’s a wrap! Free “wintry” wrapping paper.

wreath 1

Five easy-to-make holiday wreaths. As easy as Ho-ho-ho.zara home kids christmas 4

Zara Home Kids chalked up a bazillion fab points with its chalkboard Christmas motif. You can do it, too.

Happy crafting!


(1) via Pinterest, (2) hellopomelo.wordpress.com, (3) cb2.com, (4) zarahome.es


When I was six, I participated in an art contest in celebration of National Nutrition Month. I drew a boy surrounded by smiling fruits and vegetables. I won and took home a set of pop-a-point pencils. I was on cloud nine! But the truth is, I didn’t even know I was in a contest at that time; I just thought that the other kids and I were doing something enjoyable for school.

Win or lose, even without big prizes at stake, I’ve always found contests a lot of fun. So when I received the e-mail  announcing Oysho’s Pop-Up Gallery drawing competition, I didn’t need to be convinced to join.

My entry was inspired by an excerpt from Lewis Carroll’s book Through the Looking-Glass, and What Alice Found There. In Chapter 5, Alice told the Queen that “one can’t believe impossible things.” The Queen replied that Alice just didn’t have much practice. She added: “Why, sometimes I’ve believed as many as six impossible things before breakfast.”

And here they are, my five impossible things (during breakfast): a flying milk carton, a dancing apple, a nerdy teacup, a fitness buff teaspoon, and a hippie chic slice of bread. Put them together in one (death-defying) circus act and you get impossible thing no. 6!

So, how many impossible things did you believe today?



I have a new blog! If you’re searching for party ideas or you simply enjoy reading about party styling, then I hope you can add Hello Pomelo to your reading list. It’s still under construction but I already have four posts over there, three of them Halloween-related. (Nothing scary, I promise!) Click on the image below to visit it :) There is also a link on the site which will take you to my new shop where I sell stationery and paper goods for DIY parties (also a work in progress). Hope to see you there soon!

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