With Christmas already over, I’m sure that everyone’s eyes are now on the next big occasion: New Year. The coming year not only signifies the end of an old calendar but for most, it also marks the beginning of a new chapter in their lives: getting a different haircut for a new look or starting a new business venture or making a fresh set of resolutions, which I hope are not just this year’s resolutions unresolved :D

If you’re aiming for more style this 2014 but not at the expense of comfort, then Esprit’s trend guide is what you need.

First stop, blue jeans and winter white for that elegant, casual or sporty look.

esprit blue jeans and winter white 1 esprit blue jeans and winter white 2 esprit blue jeans and winter white 3 esprit blue jeans and winter white 4

But don’t limit yourself to blue jeans. Blue’s many shades give you a whole gamut of wchoices – from tops to dresses, trousers to accessories. Go ahead, experiment!

esprit blue 1

esprit blue 2Finally, break the black habit! Bring soft hues of pink into your winter wardrobe. It’s sugar, spice and everything nice.

esprit pastel pink 1

esprit pastel pink 2

Do you like blue and pink in the winter too?

P.S. This post is not sponsored in any way by Esprit. I just happen to be a big fan of the brand :) Click on “Esprit” on the tag cloud to read some of its previous campaigns and trend guides.



Happy Monday, everyone! Today I’d like to show you this one-bedroom flat in Singapore that is modern, clean and bright. I mean, now it is. But before architects and designers from KNZ Associates entered the picture, this dwelling was cramped and unattractive. Hard to imagine? Scroll down to see the proof.



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Yesterday’s post was about the blue and white trend. Clueless about what pieces to buy and where to get them? Take a pick from these porcelain printed items.



The latest trend among high-end fashion brands reminds me so much of my two-year stay in the Netherlands. I’m not sure if you know this but the Netherlands also has its own type of blue and white pottery called Delftware or Delft Blue. Though inspired by Chinese porcelain, much of its design depicts traditional Dutch scenes that include windmills and sailboats. Anyway, if you like the porcelain print trend, come back tomorrow. I’m preparing a shopping list with items that are more affordable than the ones below.



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