Happy Tuesday, everyone! Someone I know got married two Saturdays ago and that inspired me to do a wedding-related post. These beautiful dresses are from this year’s collection of Pronovias: the first four were designed by Manuel Mota and the last six were created by Elie Saab. (If there’s one thing that we learned from Manuel Mota, it’s that formal dresses can have pockets!!) My favorites are the first two gowns. What about you?

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It was my birthday yesterday!! My mom has always said that birthdays would never be complete without a cake so I leave you with these cakes from Maggie Austin. Maggie is a former classical ballerina whose 23-year dance career ended due to a foot injury. Well, we all know what the wise folks say: You can take the girl out of ballet but you can never take ballet out of the girl. See how romantic and delicate her designs are? I think Tchaikovsky himself would be pleased.


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Theres a bit of history behind ghost chairs and one involves no less than a king. Philippe Patrick Starck, French product designer, took the form of the Louis XVI chair and reinvented it using a single piece of polycarbonate plastic. The result: a postmodern chair with neoclassic lines. Another popular transparent chair by Starck is the armless Victorian ghost chair which was based on its 18th century predecessor. (Cheaper replicas can now be bought, or rented for use in large events.) Ghost chairs are chic, contemporary, minimalist. They are versatile, blending well with practically all kinds of material. And, man, don’t they make outdoor weddings  look simply ethereal?



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